Monday, August 28, 2006


This is weird.
Sometimes my Yahoo Briefcase links work, sometimes they don't.
Why is that?

ON EDIT: The only stable urls I'm allowed are from my Yahoo/Geocities webspace. 15 megs is what they're giving me. How generous of them.

When I signed up for Rogers Cable internet, I asked if I could beef up my webspace allotment. They said "No, but you get 100 free megs of storage in your Yahoo Briefcase account! Any files you like!"

How does this help me if they reset my files' destination urls every two days?
All it amounts to is a virtual (and hacker-prone) data storage dump.
Isn't that what backup disks are for?

I even offered Rogers money to boost my limit. They actually said no.
That's some real good business savvy there guys.

So I'm hunting for a cheap web host. Ten bucks a month is about standard, isn't it?
Any suggestions?


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