Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Disgust, horror...and whew!

I contracted the About:Blank Adware virus/trojan two days ago.

Nasty, stubborn piece of work.
It replaced my homepage and added five minutes to my boot time.
The internet became a prickly hedgemaze of redirects and pop-ups.

If that's not bad enough, somehow this bastard hijacked my last two blog entries and inserted commercially targeted hyperlinks around a random selection of ordinary words in the post.

It took most of yesterday to get my removal skills up to speed.
Twelve hours and a dozen gray hairs later, I was able to clean it out.

In the process, I had corrupted Norton, (add the half hour I spent looking under my bed for the disk in order to effect a reinstall), and somehow Internet Explorer got deleted.

I am now firewalled to the hilt. Any of you bitches want to play now?

Actually, disregard that cocky challenge.

Just leave me alone.


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