Thursday, February 17, 2005


I have been getting a lot of 'stop smoking' hints.

Started playing "Constantine" on my PS2. What an assy-looking piece of shit.
I rarely give up playing a game due to presentation or difficulty. But sometimes a game looks so half-assed, that I cannot in good conscience engage/invest anything further than a cursory glance. I figure my money has been spent, but why waste my time?

I took a nap after discarding Constantine and endured a horrific dream of a woman who had had a double mascectomy. But the storyline was that she had waited too long to elect for surgery, and by the time she was operated on, most of her neck and lower jaw was deemed malignant. She looked like a burn victim, but the worst was when she dug her fingers into her patchwork chest cavity and pulled both halves of her chest-tissue back to reveal her ribcage. Reason? The doctors had elected not to close her up because the cancer was recurring so frequently.

Yeah, ew. But my dad quit smoking in his forties and still ended up dying of lung
cancer in his late fifties.

It's all a crapshoot, dawg.